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Are you prepared for the COVID19 vaccination?

Use POLYNOR´s Safety Boxes for the

syringes waste

Being prepared for the vaccination of the entire world population against COVID-19 does not only imply having the health personnel and the necessary resources to carry it out.

It also means having the protocol and the ideal material ready to process the waste it generates. Disposing of syringes, needles and sharp objects required by vaccines and antibody tests without the proper conditions could create serious health problems for those who handle them and also for the environment.

POLYNOR´s Safety Boxes and Sharp Containers were created in Norway in 1994 to protect the health of healthcare professionals, patients, and the entire community.

So far, they have been used especially in vaccination campaigns in more than 100 countries around the world, especially through NGOs and health organizations.

Thanks to this experience, the safety boxes have been continuously improved to adapt to the most extreme conditions. Using POLYNOR boxes disposing and destroying used syringes and needles is easier and safer.  


Think about the environment!!

With our sharps containers, all are advantages. For people and for the planet.

- They are made with recycled solid board, a solution that respects the environment, much more than traditional plastic containers.

- The boxes come flat-packed, meaning they take up very little space. Thus, they are easy to transport and store. 

- They are resistant to all climates in the world.

- They are assembled in a very intuitive way, according to very simple instructions printed on the box itself.

- They are available in multiple sizes.

- And when they are full, they are incinerated for complete destruction.

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