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What is special about POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes?

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes have been in the market since 1994 being the first sharps container made of recycled paper waste material on the market to collect used syringes and needles and thereby prevent spreading of diseases in developing countries. POLYSAFE®represents experience, quality and service. POLYNOR is the only supplier of multiple sizes of sharps bins; we offer 2,5L, 5L, 10L, 15L and 20L.

How are POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes destructed?

Fill the POLYSAFE®Safety Box with used syringes and needles up to its fill line. As the POLYSAFE®Safety Box is made of recycled solid board, the sharps box is easily burned. The most common ways to burn the box is in a pit, drum or incinerator. Another safe way to dispose used syringes and needles is burial and or cement encapsulation.

Our premium product, POLYSAFE®Safety Box and Incineration Container is in itself an incinerator – meaning it can be burned on site.

Please remember to always check with national authorities for regulations

Where can the POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes be used?

POLYSAFE®Safety Boxes can be used wherever it is needed to get used syringes and needles out of circulation in a safe and cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. As the boxes are flat packed, they do not require much space for storage.

Today the boxes are mostly used in developing countries.

What are the advantages making Safety Boxes for the disposal of used syringes and needles of recycled solid board?

POLYSAFE®Safety Boxes are made of recycled solid board in Norway. Solid board has a very strong quality and withstand changes in moisture and climate (as for example humidity, heavy rain etc). The paper quality used for POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes is also so strong that it can withstand needles from penetrating the box.

Is there a minimum order for POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes?

We prefer to minimum send 1 pallet of POLYSAFE®Safety Boxes. 

Do you have a price list for POLYSAFE®  Safety Boxes?

No, we do not have any fix price list. Please contact us here and ask for a quotation for your requested quantity.

What is your delivery time?

We do have some products in stock for immediate shipping. The production time is depending on quantity. Send us your inquiry here and we will revert to you.

Can you help us also with shipping?

Yes, of course we can! POLYNOR can send quotations which also includes transportation by air, sea or land – to any destination.

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