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Safety Box & Sharps Container


Approved according to WHO/UNICEF Standard E10/IC.2  

Printing in English and Russian.

Flat packed in robust water resistant shipping cartons of 30 each.


Volume:                                    2,5 L
Capacity:                                  64 AD syringes of 0.5 ml with uncapped needles 
External dimensions

Before assembling:                    480 x 237 x 4 mm.
After assembling:                      184 x 120 x 120 mm.
Materials:                                 Recycled solid board, water resistant
Thickness of walls:                    1.4 mm
Weight fully assembled:             205 grams 
Diameter of syringe insert hole:  35 mm.
Colour:                                     White box with black and red print and yellow line

How to use the safety boxes
  • Assemble the POLYSAFE® Safety Box according to the pictograms printed on the side of the box. 

  • Fill it with used syringes and needles (5L approx 150 syringes, depending on size). Important: Do not recap the syringe

  • Close the safety box securely with the lockable lid  when it is 3/4 full, see fill line. Do not open, empty or reuse the safety box.

  • Dispose of the safety boxes according to national policy on health care waste management, for example incinerating or burying. Check the authorities for national and local regulations.

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