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Safe, sustainable and WHO approved

Simple, effective, environmentally friendly and in multiple sizes 

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes are the only sharp containers available in larger sizes (up to 20L). Many health organizations prefer larger boxes as they are more efficient. 

The boxes come flat packed in packages which are easy to transport, store and carry. The boxes are assembled by hand when needed. The sharps container can be used and stored in any climate.

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes are the environmentally friendly solution over plastic containers. They are manufactured in Norway from recycled solid board at an ISO Certified (ISO 9001-2015) high-tech plant.


Click on each safety box for more details. 

Tested and certified by WHO

POLYNOR’s range of safety boxes has since 1994 been tested and certified by an independent WHO-accredited laboratory to comply with the requirements of WHO Standard E10/IC.1 and/or E10/IC.2.

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes have passed all tests for:

  • Ease of assembly and filling

  • Needle penetration

  • Drop test

  • Stability and spillage test

  • Temperature resistance test

  • Water resistance test

  • Handle strength test

  • Aperture closing test


WHO has included POLYNOR’s Safety Boxes size 5L (PQS E10/01), 10L (PQS E10/02) and 15L (PQS E10/03) in their PQS database of pre-qualified safety boxes for the disposal of used syringes and needles.

Official Registrations and patents:

1. WHO PIS CODE E12/02

    NATO CAGE CODE N4259 NSN 6530-01-460-4782

    Norway Patent No.074427

    Sweden Patent No. 515 022

    Canada Patent No. 2.302.477

2. WHO CODE PQS E10/01

3. WHO CODE PQS E10/02

4. WHO CODE PQS E10/03

5. WHO PIS CODE E12/09

6. WHO PIS CODE E12/17

    Russia Registration Certificate No. ФС №2006/1495

Syringe collection using POLYSAFE Safety Boxes.
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