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Continuous improvements since 1994

The first safety box in the market made of recycled solid board. All POLYSAFE Safety Boxes have multiple languages descriptions and pictograms.

The founder of POLYNOR, Mr Odd Terje Østgaard, started developing a prototype Safety Box for easy and safe disposal of used syringes and needles in June 1994, to be initially test marketed through UNICEF.

The main objective was to develop a safety box to be used under primitive conditions for on site destruction. The result was a safety box which in itself was an incinerator.

Following Østgaard’s continuous product improvements and technical adaptations of the safety box, the POLYSAFE® has complied with the WHO specifications since 1998.

Today POLYNOR owns all intellectual property rights to its product POLYSAFE® as well as the trademark and copyright protection. POLYNOR has not transferred any of its intellectual property rights to a third party.

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