Our sharps waste solution has saved lives since 1994

What are the problems?

Sharps waste can cause serious health- and environmental problems.

Unsafe disposal of used syringes and needles can spread diseases immunization programs are working to prevent.

If the used syringes are not proper collected and destructed, children might find them, play with them and get injured and infected. The syringes might also be sold at the black market for reuse. Nurses and doctors are working under challenging conditions with the fear and chance for getting injured by infected needles because they are working without safe injection practices.

How can they be solved?

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes and Sharps Containers help protect health care workers, patients and the community from used and possible contaminated sharps. The safety box provides safe collection and effective destruction of used injection equipment. 

POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes are flat packed in packages which are easy to transport to final destinations, optimal for storage and easy to carry for the end user in the field. The boxes are assembled by hand when needed. The sharps container can be used and stored in any climate.

POLYSAFE® meets the highest demands from the market. POLYSAFE Safety Boxes are made from recycled solid board which is an environmental friendly solution over plastic containers.

They are manufactured in Norway at  an ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2015) high tech plant.

Optimal products for rural clinics and hospitals 

Adapted to the reality of the fields, our products have been developed having in mind important factors for those using them: safety and time.

Safety is important! This is why our safety boxes are designed to prevent needles from penetrating the box. POLYSAFE® Safety Box has an additional safety flap inside the box to avoid syringes from falling out.

Safety boxes have many areas of use such as during vaccination campaigns, in hospitals and mobile health clinics and for the medic in the armed forces.


It takes less than a minute to assemble a POLYSAFE® Safety Box– when you need it.

They are flat packed in an outer package of approx 8 kg. Being flat packed also means cost reduction of transportation and fuel consumption. 


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