Safety Box & Sharps Container


Approved according to WHO/UNICEF Standard E10/IC.2  

Printing in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Flat packed in robust water resistant shipping cartons of 10 each.



Volume:                                  20L
Capacity:                                654 AD of 0.5 ml with uncapped needles
External dimensions

Before assembling:                  946 x 463 x 2.8 mm.
After assembling:                     405 x 285 x 193 mm.
Materials:                                Recycled solid board
Thickness of walls:                   1.4 mm
Weight fully assembled:            840 g 
Diameter of syringe insert hole: 35 mm 
Color:                                      White box with black and red print      

  • Assemble the POLYSAFE® Safety Box according to the pictograms printed on the side of the box.

  • Fill it with used syringes and needles (depending on size, 5L approx 150 syringes) Important: Do not recap the syringe!

  • Close the safety box securely with the lockable lid when it is 3/4 full, see fill line. Do not open, empty or reuse the safety box.

  • Dispose of the safety boxes according to national policy on health care waste management, for example incinerating or burying. Check the authorities for national and local regulations.


How to use the safety boxes

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