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Why choose POLYNOR?

Our Servuces

Sharps waste can cause serious health- and environmental problems

Since 1994 POLYSAFE® Safety Boxes have provided safe collection and effective destruction of used syringes.

We use recycled solid board for a more environmentally friendly solution.

NGOs, health ministries and health organizations use our products worldwide. The POLYSAFE® Boxes are all approved by the WHO.

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Service and support

Our dedicated team reacts fast to find optimal customer solutions. High production capacity secures timely supply.

A pioneer in the business

The POLYSAFE® Safety Box has been in the market, with steady improvements since 1994 being the only supplier of larger sizes of safety boxes. 

Proven solutions

Our partnerships with leading NGOs and health organizations have resulted in distribution and use in over 100 countries.


With the quality of POLYNOR, safety is guaranteed!


Grace Buhler, Buhler Pharma (Nicaragua)

Seeking new distributors!

Are you ready to bring innovative solutions to your market? Join us in bringing POLYSAFE Safety Boxes to new markets and expanding access to essential healthcare solutions. 

Get in touch today to explore partnership opportunities!

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